Bathroom Fitters Harrogate

Bathroom Fitters Harrogate

Searched Bathroom Fitters Harrogate?

So you’ve searched, “Bathroom Fitters Harrogate” and Claxton & Palmer have popped up. That’s a great start and guess what, we are a local company. We’ve installed hundred of bathrooms, tiled many a wall and floor, fitted out exquisite wet-rooms and beautiful en-suites. So you are in safe hands. 

We will BEAT! any other genuine quote on a “like for like” basis by 10%. Oh and we are also happy to supply FULL references and not just show you pretty pictures.

How Much Do Bathroom Fitters Cost?

As the good old saying goes, “How long is a piece of string.” Every bathroom installation is different. There are so many variables to factor in, an installation, as no two rooms are the same. One key thing to get right from the outset is the drainage and plumbing. Things to look at is the current location of your stack (Soil) pipe Is it at the front or back of the house? Where is the new bathroom located in relation to the soil pipe?

Prior to even buying a new bathroom suite we recommend giving us a call. We offer a FREE! site survey for any customer in Harrogate, it’s a no brainer!

What Our Site Survey Covers

wet-room floor in harrogate
Leveling Joists Prior To Wet-Room Installation. Wetrooms on uneven floors don't work, water runs the wrong way.
bathroom plumbing harrogate
Configuring Plumbing and Drainage. Get it right the first time around. Once the tiles are fitted there is no going back.
wet-room installers harrogate
Tanking (Waterproofing) All Walls and Joints. Therefore, NO LEAKS! One tiny hole can cause extensive water damage.

All of the above are important points to consider and any installation must comply with current building regulations.

Looking at pretty bathroom pictures and design plans is the easy part but understanding how to interpret them and make it work is a skill. We have the skills, skills learnt over many years.

How Long Will It Take to Install?


Buying a New Bathroom? Talk To Us First!


What About Tiles?

Tiles CDT Tiles in Harrogate or even Tops Tiles

Our Bathroom Installation Services

  • Full Removal of the Old and Installation of the New Bathroom Suite
  • Shower and Jacuzzi Installation
  • Plumbing Modified or Installed
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Marble and Granite Fitting
  • Tiling Bathroom Walls and Floors
  • Electrical
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Room Modifications
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